How does CANVAS work?

CANVAS and its supporters will work to assemble a collaborative fund designed to meet the needs identified in the Cross-Section report via four avenues to build the field of Jewish arts and culture in North America:

Still from the video project “The Israel Trail Procession” by Asylum Arts network members Meirav Heiman and Ayelet Carmi

Funder Collaborative

The Funder Collaborative operates as a formal giving circle focused exclusively on field-building opportunities that target key lever points.

A professional team with deep experience in grantmaking and the arts world supports and guides the collaborative’s work. The group comes together in person once per year and at the annual Arts Summit. This group is separate from, but overlaps with, a Jewish Funders Network (JFN) peer network of funders interested in Jewish arts and culture and informed by an advisory council.

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The Sarah Play” by the In[heir]itance Project

JFN Arts and Culture Peer Network

For those interested in learning more about the field but not yet ready to make a financial commitment, the Jewish Funders Network Arts and Culture Peer Network engages funders strategically on Jewish arts and culture in a sustained way. While joining the peer network does not require a monetary investment, it requires commitments of time and intention to support the field; the network’s activities are designed to educate participants and galvanize action. The network, which is open to JFN members and others, comes together at regional convenings and at the annual Arts Summit. The network also connects virtually over the course of the year.

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Advisory Council

Led by the leadership of CANVAS, the Advisory Council is made up of stakeholders who operate at the highest levels in the field: artists; arts nonprofits leaders, funders, distributors, and presenters.

Mazel Tov, Mis Amigos — Juan Calle and His Latin Lanztmen. Record released by the Reboot project “Idelsohn Society For Musical Preservation”

Annual Arts Summit

This event will be the largest Jewish arts convening of its kind, assembling the most accomplished and passionate stakeholders in the world of arts and culture – both Jewish and secular.

At this multi-day convening, artists and educational content developers, the leaders of arts and education nonprofits, media and distribution partners, and arts and education funders will come together to learn, share, and experience Jewish arts and culture firsthand. In addition to educational programing, the Funder Collaborative, Advisory Council, and Peer Network will all converge at the summit for a live grant-making session designed to connect great artists with social change-makers, industry experts, and funding partners, and will be a work of art unto itself.

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