“Coincidences Are God’s Way of Staying Anonymous”


The CANVAS Compendium: Dispatches from the New Jewish Renaissance

As the New Year approaches, we’re delighted to share an exclusive, new comic written by Julian Voloj and illustrated by Wagner Willian. This time of year, many of us debate whether or not to go to synagogue. This is a true story about one of those times, and the unexpected joys that can happen when we connect with our Jewish identity.

Voloj is an award-winning graphic novel writer based in New York. His most recent book (Not) A New York Love Story, illustrated by Andreas Gefe, was published by FairSquare Comics this month. Voloj is also Interim Director of Be’chol Lashon, an organization that celebrates Jewish diversity. 

Wagner Willian is a Brazilian illustrator based in Sao Paulo. Earlier this year, Voloj and Willian published the graphic biography Black & White: The Rise and Fall of Bobby Fischer (Abrams).

If you liked this comic (and who wouldn’t?) check out the installment of Artists on Artists by Jeremy Dauber, author of American Comics: A History.

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