Download Your “Dwelling” Companion Book

Gordon Haber
Dwelling cover

We are pleased to share with you this gorgeous companion to Dwelling in a Time of Plagues, a Jewish creative response to the real-world plagues of our time.

This coast-to-coast offline/online exhibition involves dozens of museums, public sites, and online platforms.

Dwelling in a Time of Plagues invited ten artists and ten writers to respond to two questions: What has most plagued you in this year of plagues? What has liberated you? 

The companion text collects some of their compelling responses, as well as invites you to tackle these questions at home.   

Dwelling is the brainchild and production of five Jewish cultural networks: Asylum ArtsThe Council of American Jewish MuseumsLABAThe Jewish Book Council, and Reboot

CANVAS is proud to support a collaboration in which so many creatives have come together to elevate the field, one another, and all of us.

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