Introducing the CANVAS Compendium


CANVAS works to achieve a 21st-century Jewish cultural renaissance through grantmaking, advocacy, and education. The brand-new CANVAS Compendium is part of this effort — a newsletter designed to convey the highest quality and remarkable diversity of contemporary Jewish creativity.

Each week we will share with you a few of our favorite projects and practitioners. We’ll keep it brief, and we’ll make sure it’s highly curated, but we predict you’ll be amazed by how energized the field is.

For example, the striking image above is from Golem: A Call to Action by L.A.-based artist Julie Weitz. As part of Dwelling in a Time of Plagues, a CANVAS-funded exhibition for Passover 2021, Julie will bring her Golem to Boston’s Vilna Shul, as well as to Jewish museums in Florida and San Francisco

We hope you’ll stick with us to see what else is in store. 

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