Virtual Tour of ‘Clamor in the Desert’


Just because you’re nowhere near Tucson doesn’t mean you can’t see Mirta Kupferminc’s “Clamor in the Desert,” one of three Dwelling in a Time of Plagues installations. Check out the virtual tour that The Jewish History Museum (Tucson) has published on its website. You can also view an adapted version of the installation, called “Clamor in the City” in the ground-floor windows of New York City’s 14th Street Y.

Dwelling in a Time of Plagues, a collaboration between CANVAS, CANVAS grantees LABA, the Council of American Jewish Museums, Asylum Arts, and others, is a Jewish creative response to real-world plagues of our time.

Mirta Kupferminc is a multidisciplinary Argentine artist, curator, lecturer, mentor, and teacher of other artists who lives and works in Buenos Aires.

Exhibiting since 1977, she has had more than 100 solo and group shows in Argentina, Cuba, Brazil, Uruguay, China Switzerland, Spain, Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong , Germany, Israel, Poland, France, Hungary, England, United States. Her works can be found in international collections and museums. She has received local and international printmaking awards, including: Great Honor Prize (2012) in Argentina, First Prize Sivori Museum, Argentina (2018), Silver Medal Taiwan Biennale (2006), Honor Mention Taipei Biennale (1999), Third Prize at 7th Koichi Biennale (2008). She was curator of the Argentinean presentation at the Contemporary Jewish Art Jerusalem Biennale 2019.

Learn more about Dwelling in a Time of Plagues and the many artists, museums and organizations who came together to make it happen, at

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