Supporting Artists in This Moment Is Not a Luxury

Noa Ginzburg, Extra Ocular Object Number Eight, 2020. Assembled

Rebecca Guber, director and founder of CANVAS grantee Asylum Arts recently published this important op-ed in The New York Jewish Week:

“I don’t typically cry at work. But last week, the tears flowed. I’ve read thousands of grant proposals in my career. None have been as devastating as the applications my organization, Asylum Arts, received from 141 artists as part of our emergency Covid relief funds.

“We have $50,000 to disburse to artists impacted by the pandemic, thanks to the generous support of the CANVAS initiative, a partnership of five Jewish foundations working with Jewish Funders Network. But we know that every single artist across the globe has been hurt by the pandemic. The cultural sector is one of the industries that has completely shut down, exacerbating most artists’ already precarious place in our economy.”

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